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BioNeutral - Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels On NBC NEW YORK NEWS

Steve J. Browand, President and CEO, and Dr. Andy Kielbania, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, of BioNeutral Chem, appeared on NBC Channel 4 New York's morning news. The segment highlights the life science company’s environmentally friendly product platforms, Ygiene™ and Ogiene™, which include technologies that have been independently tested to eradicate harmful microorganisms essentially on contact.

Dr. Kielbania provides a demonstration of the effectiveness of their multi-purpose cleaner and speaks to the many applications the chemistry-based technologies will have if approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Every day, Bio Neutral Chem products provide customers with the highest levels of performance which is the result of creative ideas and innovative technologies.

A recognized leader in advanced Eletrochemical technology , Bio Neutral Chem Performance Plastics is part of an international family of companies comprising Compagnie de Bio Neutral Chem, a global force in engineered materials. With a worldwide network of manufacturing and sales facilities, Bio Neutral Chem Group brings years of experience to developing innovative Electrochemical solutions for its customers.


Electrochemical Products

Bio Neutral Chem Group brings years of experience to developing innovative Electrochemical solutions for its customers.

Our Health Segment

We provide customized solutions in powder, solid and liquid flavor delivery systems, spray dried emulsified powder systems, and cereal systems.


We also produce and market human grade choline nutrients and mineral amino acid chelated products through this segment for wellness applications.

Our Animal Nutrition

For ruminant animals, our microencapsulated products boost health and milk production, delivering nutrient supplements that are biologically available, providing required nutritional levels.

Med Tech

Our proprietary chelation technology provides enhanced nutrient absorption for various species of production and companion animals and is marketed for use in animal feed throughout the world.

Agricultural Nutrition

Our micronutrient agricultural nutrition business sells chelated minerals primarily into high value crops. We have a unique and patented two-step approach to solving mineral deficiency in plants to optimize health, yield and shelf-life.


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In our Industrial Products segment, certain derivatives of choline chloride are manufactured and sold into industrial applications predominately as a component for hydraulic fracturing of shale natural gas wells. Our products offer an attractive, effective and more environmentally responsible alternative than other clay stabilizers.