BIO NEUTRAL CHEM GROUP is a devoted oil and gas industry partner focused on efficient and organized leasehold acquisition and data collection for expedient asset development. It has been our goal to go above and beyond for each client no matter the project size or scope. Surprise Valley prides itself on a great team of independent land men and land women that have extensive experience in all aspects of oil and gas exploration and production operations.

We believe that the oil and gas industry in the Appalachian Basin will continue to play a crucial role in energy production for our region and country for years to come.  We are fortunate to live in an area that is blessed with natural resources, and we want to do everything we can to protect those businesses that are involved in the production process.  Our agency specializes in providing the following coverages for oil and gas producers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and many other related businesses:

  • General Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Umbrella and Excess Liability
  • Control of Well Coverage
  • Fleet Automobile Coverage
  • Rigs and Contractors Equipment
  • Professional Liability
  • License, Permit and Contract Bonding

We possess a unique and broad range of experience in the field in relation to this technology. Our processes combine safety, cost-effectiveness, and timely regulatory compliance. With our integrated project management system and experienced team of deep well specialists, we are able to provide great customer service.

We perform:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Geologic and Reservoir Evaluation
  • Modeling
  • Well Design, Troubleshooting, and Operation
  • Well Testing and Evaluation

Our company also offers consultations for the oil and gas industry. State Permit Applications are prepared by our company’s geologists and engineers, incorporating all requirements necessary under the Class II UIC regulations.

We have extensive experience in working with oil and gas companies and have assisted them with the following:

  • Drill Rig/Completion Rig Supervision
  • Regulatory Support
  • Oil and Gas Property Audits for Environmental Compliance and Permit Application Preparation
  • Class II Well Design
  • Class II Well Evaluations for Property Transfer

This is a representative list of the oil and gas consulting services that we provide:

  • Feasibility Studies and Well Siting Evaluations
  • Permit Application Support
  • Well Design and AFE Preparation
  • Drilling and Completion Plans
  • Forensic Remediation Investigations
  • Remediation Workover Plan and AFE Support
  • Producing Property Audits
  • Class II Injection Well Site Audit and Testing
  • Class II Injection Well Evaluation for Property Transfer

We have performed numerous projects related to the assessment of groundwater availability, mobility, and quality.

This includes:

  • Aquifer Yield Evaluation Services
  • Data Review
  • Litigation Support
  • Groundwater Availability Assessments
  • Flow Modeling
  • Groundwater Quality Assessments

Our team is comprised of licensed geoscientists and engineers, certified petroleum geologists, and business professionals. Collectively, we possess more than 200 years of experience and can provide a wide variety of services that include:

  • Feasibility Studies and Well Siting Evaluations
  • Inspection Contracting
  • Litigation
  • Materials of Construction/Waste Compatibility Studies
  • Operations and Regulatory Reporting Requirements
  • Permit Preparation and Regulatory Hearing Support
  • Plugging and Abandonment
  • Preparation of No-Migration Petition Demonstrations for Land-Banned Wastes
  • Reservoir Testing (RT) and Modeling
  • Reservoir/Waste Reactivity Studies
  • Well Cleanout and Reservoir Stimulation
  • Well Failure Analysis
  • Well Installation and Completion
  • Well Mechanical Integrity Testing (MIT)
  • Well Repair and Workover Operations
  • Well Troubleshooting and Evaluation


BIO NEUTRAL CHEM GROUP is committed to providing high-quality service to clients at competitive rates.
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