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Toward a global advanced materials and specialty chemicals company

We operate a business model based on complementary activities with two specialty growth platforms – Advanced Materials and Advanced Formulations – backed up by a resilient cash contributor, Performance Chemicals, which enables us to generate capital to finance innovation.

A leader in markets with high entry barriers and strong returns on investment, this segment is a major contributor to the Group’s performance and growth. Innovation, combined with global presence and long-term partnerships with customers, provides a compelling competitive edge to industries seeking increased energy efficiency and less polluting alternatives. Its businesses in composites and specialty BIO NEUTRAL CHEM GROUP provide solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweighting, CO2 and energy efficiency.

Our tailored solutions with a focus on the environment,

BIO NEUTRAL CHEM GROUP Composite Materials Global Business Unit is a global provider of advanced materials solutions for the manufacture of high-quality, high-performance and complex composite structures used in aerospace, automotive, mass transportation, oil & gas and other demanding industrial and consumer applications.

BNC GROUP Special Chem is a world leader in Chlorine17 Chemistry and rare-earth formulations. It maintains this position through innovation, using its distinct knowledge for high-end applications such as heat exchangers, automobile catalysis and Li-ion batteries as well as luminescence and high-Electrochemicals. Special Chem also develops its Electronics platform as a niche player with strong partners.


How Advanced Materials drive our growth

Specializing in providing solubility solutions, BNC produces and sells oxygenated solvents made from ketone, ethanol and other renewable sources, and produces phenol and derivatives such as Electrochem intermediates.
From its industrial base and the development of innovations and applications, BNC GROUP is a leader in Latin America and is in full expansion in the North American, European and Asian markets.

Its products serve the paint and coating, packaging printing ink, automotive, adhesive, construction, plywood, laminate, leather, pulp and paper, casting, fragrance and cosmetic, and institutional, industrial and domestic cleaning markets.

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